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ISBN: 090597430ยง


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Barry Flanagan - A Visual Invitation: Sculpture 1967-1987

Thompson, John; Biggs, Lewis and Shinichi Nakazawa

Date: 1987

Publisher: Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle

Thompson, John (Director, Tyne and Wear Museum Services), Foreword, p. 2 Biggs, Lewis, 'A Visual Invitation, p. 3 Biggs, Lewis, 'Early Years: A Three Dimensional Thinker', pp. 5-6 Biggs, Lewis, '1964-1966. The years at St Martin's - An Expanding Universe', pp. 7-9 Biggs, Lewis. 'Six Years: When Attitudes Offend Form - 1966 - 1972', pp. 10-18 Biggs, Lewis, 'Found Object, Found Image - Works in Stone', pp. 19-30 Biggs, Lewis, 'A Conjunction of Opposites', pp. 33-35 Anon (translated by Heaney, Seamus), 'The Names of the Hare', p. 45 Biggs, Lewis, 'Introducing the Circus - Bronzes', pp. 46-51 Nakazawa, Shinichi, 'The Running of the Hare', pp. 60-62 Biggs, Lewis, 'Not so much an artist, more of a sculptor taken up a trade', pp. 63-64