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Exploring relationships between entries

As mentioned above, a separate entry exists for each artwork, exhibition, publication and media item. Every ARCHIVE file has its own entry.

When viewing an entry, to the right of the entry you will find the artworks title dimensions and provenance. If the provenance shows a public collection it will be an active link. It will direct you to the public collection that owns the artwork. If the artwork is displayed in a public place it will show you its location and the collection that owns the work. Some artworks will show "SEE IN PHOTO DIARY" Or "SEE IN PROFILE" this takes you to those places on the website and gives the artwork a broader context.

When viewing an entry, you will find below it the word RELATED, with an option to show or hide related entries. Related entries from the ARTWORKS are listed first by category. Below that there may be related entries from the ARCHIVE.

This interconnectivity is an important and integral part of the website. It allows you to explore in greater depth the context that surrounds individual records. When viewing the entry on a work, the related entries could include initial sketches, exhibitions in which the piece was displayed, publications featuring the artwork, relevant diary entries or filmed interviews where the piece is discussed.

It is hoped that following these related entries will lead to a greater understanding and appreciation of Barry Flanagan's work.