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Example 2: Searching for Exhibitions, Publications or Media

Below is an example of a search for information on the earliest group exhibitions in Barry Flanagan's exhibition history.


From the list on the left of the screen, select EXHIBITIONS.


From the sub-categories, select GROUP.


Refine the results by year. In this example you would select the earliest time period listed, 1965-1969.


The final list of results is divided by year, so those listed under 1965 would be the earliest group exhibitions. Select one of the results for information on that exhibition and the artworks shown.

Note that the results listed can be ordered by YEAR, TITLE, GALLERY or REGION.

Publications and media can be searched similarly. Publications are divided into catalogues, books, journals and bibliography and media is categorised as video, audio, photo library or press. Again, at each stage there is the option to view lists of results in various orders.