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Example 1: Searching for specific artworks

Below is an example of a search for information on hessian/sacking sculptures created by Barry Flanagan in the early 1970s.


From the list on the left of the screen, select ARTWORKS.


From the list beside it, select SCULPTURE.

You will be presented with thumbnail images of all entries categorized as sculpture. These results can now be refined to match the search.


Additional lists enable you to sort and filter the current results by year, medium and size.

First, the year. The small box beside ALL is greyed out, indicating that the default option is all periods of the artist's life. As the search is only for sculptures from the early 1970s, you would select the time period 1970-1974.

In the list below, choose the medium, the mediums are organized in to categories. Select the category that the medium is in, hessian sacking is cloth, so select the cloth category. This will reveal the mediums in this category, the small box beside ALL is grayed out, this indicates that all the mediums categorized as cloth are selected. Select HESSIAN/SACKING to select HESSAIN/SACKING only.

Finally, there is the option to refine the search by size. In this example, size is not one of our criteria, so this category can be left at the default option ALL.


At the end of this sequence the result will be a list of every cloth sculpture, of all sizes, created between 1970 and 1974. Select individual pieces to access information.

Three points to note:
1. At each step, look above the rows of thumbnail images. It will show how many pages of results there are at and,gives the option to order the results by YEAR or TITLE.
2. When it comes to refining results by year or medium, its possible to select more than one parameter from within those categories. For example, a search can be refined by selecting two or more different time periods of the artist’s life, or two or more media.
3. These refinements can be adjusted at any time. If a greyed out box indicates that a parameter is already selected, clicking it again will deselect it.