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Introduction - Searching the Artworks

This website is divided into two main sections: the ARTWORKS and the ARCHIVE. The ARTWORKS is a catalogue raisonné – a comprehensive list of works by Barry Flanagan. The Archive brings together supporting material, including the artist's sketches, photographs, diaries and personal papers.

You are currently in the ARTWORKS. Here you can explore Barry Flanagan's entire body of work. Every artwork record has its own entry with the title and medium. Separate entries also exist for individual exhibitions, publications and other media items.

This guide explains two ways of searching the artworks – by keyword and by sorting and filtering. It describes how to explore the relationships that exist between individual pieces, exhibitions and all other entries within both the ARTWORKS and the ARCHIVE.

Your search may be for a single work, a group of related works, or information concerning an exhibition, publication or media.