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Portable Sculpture

5 Feb 2021 - 6 Jun 2021

Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, UK

This group exhibition explores sculptures dating from 1934 to the present day that are designed to fold up, pack down, or dismantle.

The word ‘sculpture’ is often associated with large, immobile objects that are weighty and permanent. But sculpture is not always fixed in place: it can be mobile, agile and endlessly adaptable. The portability of the sculptures in this exhibition is sometimes an indication of geopolitical situations, and sometimes of personal circumstances, but always of artistic ingenuity.

The exhibition features fifteen artists who have responded to their circumstances by creating sculptures that are as mobile as their makers, including Louise Bourgeois, Marcel Duchamp, Barry Flanagan, Mohamad Hafez, Do Ho Suh, Andrea Zittell and new work by Claire Ashley and James Ackerley.

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  • a hole in the sea, 1969
  • bollards project, 1970
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