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27 Sep 2012 - 16 Dec 2012

Raven Row, London, UK

The Individual and the Organisation: Artist Place Group 1966-79

Curated by Anthony Hudek and Alex Sainsbury, in consultation with Barbara Steveni

Exhibiting artists: Barbara Steveni, Leonard Hessing, David Hall, Ian Breakwell, David Parsons, George Levantis, John Latham, Andrew Dipper, Stuart Brisley, Garth Evans, Barry Flanagan, Ian Munro, Lois Pryce, Alan Sekers, Jeffrey Shaw, Marie Yates, Nick Alderton, Hugh Davies, Bill Furlong, Mick Kemp, Carmel Sammons, David Toop, Roger Coward, Roland Lewis, Evadne Stevens, Frances Viner, Nancy Balfour, George Levantis, Gavin Brown


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