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Animalia: Stellvertreter


Haus am Waldsee, Berlin, Europe

Exhibiting artists: Christian L Attersee, Ina Barfuss, Joseph Beuys, Johannes Brus, Valie Export, Barry Flanagan, Terry Fox, Nancy Graves, Marianne Greve, KH Hödicke, Wolf Kahlen, Werner Koltz, Nikolaus Lang, Marisa Lassnig, Katharina Meldner, Mario Merz, Christa Naher, Hermann Nitsch, Gerd Rohling, Hans Scheib, Norbert Tadeusz, Mark Thompson, Marino Vismara, Thomas Wachweger and William Wegmann


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Artworks Exhibited
  • Acrobats, 1988
  • Six Foot Leaping Hare on Steel Pyramid, 1990
Toured Exhibitions
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