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Contemporary Artists in Camden

17 Oct 1981 - 22 Nov 1981

Camden Arts Centre, London, UK

Conceived and co-ordinated by Zuleika Dobson
A competition funded by Camden Borough Council

Exhibiting artists: Adiran Berg, Norman Blamey, Stuart Brisley, Michael Buhler, Anthony Caro, Patrick Caulfield, Colin Cina, Shelagh Cluett, June Collier, Diana Constance, Richard Crook, Graham Crowley, Norman Dilworth, Zoran Djordjevic, Michael Druks, Garth Evans, Barry Flanagan, Sheila Girling, Anthony Green, Adrian Heath, Howard Hodgkin, Georgina Hunt, Alexis Hunter, Paul Huxley, Tess Jaray, TM Jones, Peter Kalkhof, Michael Kidner, Edwina Leapman, David Leverett, Liliane Lijn, Kim Lim, Conroy Maddox, Charles Marriott, Denis Masi, Donagh McKenna, Bernard Meadows, Michael Michaeledes, Noel Myles, Victor Newsome, Paula Rego, Adrian Ryan, Alan Smith, William Smith, William Turnbull, Marc Vaux, Shelagh Wakeley, Victor Willing and David Wiseman


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Artworks Exhibited
  • Camdonian, 1980
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