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Almost Warm and Fuzzy: Childhood and Contemporary Art

4 Feb 2001 - 8 Apr 2001

PS1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City, US

Exhibiting artists: The Art Guys, David Beck, Maria Fernando Cardoso, Kim Dingle, Vernon Fisher, Barry Flanagan, Tom Friedman, Katherina Fritsch, Mike Kelley, Jeff Koons, Charles LeDray, David Levinthal, Charles Long, Takashi Murakami, Yoshimoto Nara, Elizabeth Newman, Daniel Oates, Tom Otterness, Marc Quinn, Charles Ray, Alexis Rockman, Tim Rollins and KOS, Bill Scanga, Joseph Schneider, Michelle Segre, Beverley Semmes, Laurie Simmons, Sandy Skoglund, Fred Truck, Meyer Vaisman, Laura Whipple and Charlie White


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