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Colony Room Club 50th Anniversary Art Exhibition

18 Oct 1998 - 7 Nov 1998

A22 Projects, London, UK

Exhibiting artists: Christopher Battye, Kate Braine, Jo Busuttil, Patrick Caulfield, David Chadwick, Darren Coffield, Brian Dawn Chalkey, Keith Coventry, Kathy Dalwood, Clem Crosby, Arif Djan, Barry Driscoll, Barry Flanagan, Tracey Emin, Lisa Stansfield, Paul Freud, Francis Fry, Damien Hirst, Gavin Jones, James Moores, Stephen Lees, Justin Mortimer, Ray Natkiel, George Melly, Jake Paltenghi, David Remfry, Marc Quinn, Catherine Shakespeare Lane, Ed Winters, James Krone, Peter Davis, Paul Broadbent, John Maybury and Neil Hedger


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Artworks Exhibited
  • To George Melly, 1972
  • Artist by His Sitter, 1972
Toured Exhibitions
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