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Masterpieces of the Avant Garde: Three Decades of Contemporary Art: The Sixties

17 Sep 1985 - 19 Oct 1985

Annely Juda Fine Art/Juda Rowan Gallery, London, UK

The exhibition was the first of 3 celebrating 25 years of Annely Juda Fine Art/Juda Rowan Gallery

Exhibiting artists: Gillian Ayres, Roy Ascott, Antanas Brazdys, Bernard Cohen, Avinash Chandra, Antony Donaldson, John Edwards, Garth Evans, Robyn Denny, Barry Flanagan, Klaus Friedeberger, Nicholas Georgiadis, Anthony Green, Paul Huxley, Michael Kenny, Michael Michaeledes, Phillip King, Mark Lancaster, Jeremy Moon, Bridget Riley, William Turnbull, Partrick Scott, Shinkichi Tajiri, William Tucker, Tony Underhill, Andy Warhol, Michael Werner and Brian Young


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Artworks Exhibited
  • pdreeoo, 1965
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