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1977 Hayward Annual

20 Jul 1977 - 4 Sep 1977

Hayward Gallery, London, UK

Organised by the Arts Council of Great Britain

Exhibiting artists in Part One: Frank Auerbach, Anthony Caro, Patrick Caulfield, Bernard Cohen, Hamish Fulton, Nigel Hall, John Hoyland, Allen Jones, John Latham, Kim Lim, Kenneth Martin, Keith Milow, Nicholas Monro, Peter Phillips and William Turnbull

Exhibiting artists in Part Two: Peter Blake, Stuart Brisley, Stephen Buckley, Victor Burgin, Michael Craig-Martin, Robyn Denny, Barry Flanagan, Anthony Hill, John Hilliard, David Hockney, Howard Hodgkin, RB Kitaj, Bob Law, Eduardo Paolozzi and The Theatre of Mistakes


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