Von Bartha Switzerland Representation and Art Basel Online Viewing Rooms

Von Bartha begin their representation of Barry Flanagan in Switzerland with the presentation of ‘Unihare on Crescent and Bell’ (1995) at this years Art Basel Online Viewing Rooms, 19-26th June.

The gallery, initially co-founded in 1970 as ‘Galerie Minimax’ by Margareta and Miklos von Bartha, has been under the direction of Stefan von Bartha since 2008 and is celebrating its 50th year, having first held a solo exhibition of works by Flanagan in 1998.

Von Bartha will also exhibiting work at this year’s Art Basel by Olle Baertling, Andrew Bick, Camille Graeser, Terry Haggerty, Imi Knoebel, Landon Metz, László Moholy-Nagy, Sarah Oppenheimer, Carmelo Arden Quin, Superflex, Bernar Venet and Beat Zoderer.