Three of Flanagan’s film works screened online for one week only

Three of Flanagan’s film works, ‘a hole in the sea’ (1969), ‘sand girl’ (1970), and ‘bollards project’ (1970) are now available to watch in full, for this week only (until Sunday 13th December), on Kasmin Gallery’s Vimeo Showcase platform.

In 1968 Flanagan began experimenting with film and the effects of light projection. The films he made around this time often show his preoccupation with making work to define presence, absence, the solid and the fragile, the material and immaterial, matters that formed a consistent enquiry throughout Flanagan’s practice.

The films have been made available to celebrate the extension of Flanagan’s exhibition in the Kasmin Gallery Sculpture Garden, viewable from The High Line, now viewable until April 2021.

Click here to view all three films

Still from ‘a hole in the sea’ 16mm colour film, 3 minutes 59 seconds

Still from ‘bollards project’ digital footage, 36 seconds

Still from ‘sand girl’ digital footage, 17 minutes