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Hundreds and Thousands


Choreographed with Sally Potter, Jackie Lansley and Diana Davies.

"Flanagan arranged a ton of sand in a heap on the stage and shovelled it from one side to the other with the help of a collaborator (for some performances this was artist John Hilliard, for others Paul du Feu). The visual rhythm of the movement, the recorded sound of the shovelling and the accompaniment of the Portsmouth Sinfonia's rendition of the Sugar Plum Fairy provided a foil for the dancers to react to." (Barry Flanagan Early Works 1965 - 1982, Tate Catalogue, chronology, p. 142)

"Hundreds and Thousands, has choreography by the three girls who perform it. They have used movements from athletics and physical training, including some ingenious swinging of Indian clubs, as a basis for the dances which are quite out of the ordinary, clever in their timing and full of good humour.
Flanagan meanwhile is busy in a corner, adding a counterpoint of movement and sound by shovelling a pile of gravel to a different spot and back again, aided by an assistant and reinforced by a tape of similar shovelling sounds, plus, at the end, the musicians already mentioned." (John Percival, The Times, 4/10/1972,)

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