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The lesson



The lesson, This film was the result of a conversation between (Charles) Harrison and (Barry) Flanagan. Harrison wanted to include the work in an exhibition in New York. Both men were interested in the procedural aspect of the work and Flanagan thought its durational nature would be best documented by film and it would also become a work in itself. Sadly this film is lost. It opened with a wide shot of a lino print of a small greenish blue 'blackboard', with 'the lesson' written on it before Flanagan 'demonstrated how to realise the piece.' When in New York, Harrison discovered to his chagrin how important the type of sand was and hat to re-order supplies from the builders merchant. Flanagan gave the lino print to Harrison. He also gave him a bundle of lino printed money in exchange for the time taken to make the film.

Taken from 'Barry Flanagn, Works 1966 - 2008' Waddington Galleries 2012

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