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ISBN: 3775712488


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Blast to Freeze: British Art in the 20th Century

van Tuyl, Gijs and Henry Meyric Hughes (eds.)

Date: 2002

Publisher: Hatje Cantz Publishers, Germany

van Tuyl, Gijs, Preface, pp. 9-10 Meyric Hughes, Henry and van Tuyl, Gijs, Acknowledgements, pp. 11-12 Meyric Hughes, Henry and van Tuyl, Gijs, Introduction, pp. 14-15 Hewison, Robert, 'Fog in the Channel: The British Dialogue with Modernism', pp. 16-24 Hewison, Robert, '1910-20 Vorticism, First World War and Its Aftermath', pp. 25-26 Cork, Richard, 'Blast, Armageddon and Aftermath', pp. 27-32 Hewison, Robert, '1920-40 Primitivism, Abstraction and Surrealism', pp. 57-59 Curtis, Penelope, 'Direct Carving and the Notion of "Modern British Sculpture" International or Insular? Modern or Traditional?', pp. 60-65 Lewison, Jeremy, 'Going Modern and Being British, the Challenge of the 1930s', pp. 66-72 Hewison, Robert, '1940-50 Second World War, Isolation and Existential Concerns', pp. 105-106 Mellor, David Alan, 'Apocalyptic Visions, British Art in the 1940s and 1950s, pp. 107-129 Hewison, Robert, '1950-60 Brave New Worlds, Abstraction and the Aesthetics of Plenty', pp. 130-132 Stephens, Christopher, 'We are the Masters Now, Modernism and Reconstruction in Post-War Britain', pp. 133-138 Massey, Anne, 'Forbidden Conversations, the Independent Group, Modernism, Urban Reality and American Mass Culture', pp. 139-144 Hewison, Robert, 'Pop, Op and Hard Edge', pp. 169-170 Marlow, Tim, 'Open Situations, British Abstraction in the 1960s', pp. 171-174 Livingstone, Marco, 'Pop Art', pp. 175-211 Hewison, Robert, '1965-80 Counterculture and the "New Art", pp. 212-213 Wilson, Andrew, 'Everything: A View on a Developing Counterculture in the Mid 1960s in London', pp. 214-220 Harrison, Charles, 'A Crisis of Modernism', pp. 221-224 Curtis, David, 'Artists' Film in Britain: Six Moments', pp. 241-247 Howell, Anthony, 'British Performance: An Incorrect View' , pp. 248-252 Hewison, Robert, '1980-90 Painting, Objects and Installations', pp. 253-254 Hyman, James, 'The Persistence of Painting, Contexts for British Figurative Painting, 1975-90', pp. 255-286 Causey, Amdrew, 'The New British Sculpture of the 1980s', pp. 287-291 Shone, Richard, 'Freeze and its Aftermath', pp. 292-295 de Ville, Nick, 'British Art Schools and the Influence of Art Education in the Twentieth Century', pp. 297-301 Garlake, Margaret, 'Strange Patronage, Promoting Twentieth Century British Art', pp. 302-308 Lynton, Norbert, 'The Role of Critics', pp. 309-316