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Art & Jewelry

Custot Gallery


ISBN: n/a

Rodin, Le Livre Du Centenaire

Chevillot, Catharine, Antoinette Le Normand-Romain, Sophie Biass-Fabiani, Catherine Lampert, et. al.


ISBN: 978-2-7118-6373-0

A World View: John Latham

Gad, Amira & Joseph Constable (.eds), Hans Ulrich Obrist, Yana Peel, Richard Hamilton, Elisa Kay, Noa Latham, Katherine Jackson, David Toop, Adam Kleinman, Rita Donagh, Anish Kapoor, et al.


ISBN: 978-1-908617-43-9

City Sculpture Projects 1972, Henry Moore Institute, Essays on Sculpture 76.

Le Feuvre, Lisa (.ed), Jon Wood


ISBN: 978-1-905426-56-8

Animal Vegetable Mineral

Melvin, Jo


ISBN: 978-0-9576612-7-1

Adventures in Art, 40 years at PACE

Glimcher, M (ed.)


ISBN: 978-8886482790

-Sculpting Practice, Catching a Train on the Move, London 2015-

Bradfield, Marsha & Lucy Tomlins


ISBN: 978-0-9930736-2-5

25 Years of British Art. Portrait of the Artist

Lewinski, Jorge


ISBN: 0856357227

A & A Sculpture Casting LTD

A & A Fine Art


ISBN: n/a

A Celebration of 20 Years of the Groucho Club

Delaney, Barry (ed.)


ISBN: n/a

A La Croisée des Mondes, 2011 -

Tiberghien, Gilles A, Jean-Luc Brisson, Tim Ingold, Alain Freytet, Gilles Clément, Thibaut Cuisset, Jean-Christophe Bailly, Jakob von Uexküll, et. al


ISBN: 9782330000097

Actualités commerce, 1994 - 'Barry Flanagan'

Bourgeaux, Cécile


ISBN: n/a

Apollo Magazine, July, 2010 - ‘Collectors’ Focus’

Crichton-Miller, Emma


ISBN: n/a

Apollo, April, 1968 - 'London Galleries'

Burr, James


ISBN: n/a

  • 2018
    Art & Jewelry
    Custot Gallery
    Custot Gallery, Dubai
    ISBN: n/a
  • 2017
    The Barlett School of Architecture UCL Summer Show 2017
    Lee, Eli (.ed)
    The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London
    ISBN: 978-0-9954819-7-8
    Supporting Contemporary Japanese Art: Future and Legacy
    Karasaku, Keiko (.ed), Hiroko Tsuji (.ed), Yusuke Kazama (.ed)
    Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan
    ISBN: n/a
    The Ivy Now
    Peire, Fernando; Gary Lee
    Quadrille Publishing, London
    ISBN: 978-184949-846-3
    Tate Etc.
    Tate, London
    ISSN: 1743-8853
    Art Monthly
    Art Monthly, London
    ISSN: 0142 6702
    Art Monthly Australasia
    Art Monthly, Australia
    ISSN: 1033-4025