Bedales Benefit Auction

D COMO’D’Y (2001) Etching 26.5 x 22.5 cm (10.43 x 8.86 in) 16 of 16

Barry Flanagan’s etchings are included in a benefit auction supporting Bedales School, an independent boarding school in Hampshire. The three works, Composition with Salamander (2010), Reading (2010) and D COMO’D’Y, (2001) have been donated as part of the event. The Bedales school’s ethos is to nurture enquiry and individually in its students and the auction hopes to raise funds for new facilities including a new art studio, a design workshop and to provide a full Arts Scholarship for talented students in their final years. Flanagan’s son and daughter studied at Bedales and Flanagan was a keen supporter, with previous artworks donated to the school such as the sculpture [Field Day 1 Mirrored, 1988].

The auction ends at 10pm on 25th November 2014 more information on how to support can be found on the Paddle8 website.

‘Somethings Etruscan’

This little book was the result of collaboration between writer David Plante and artist Barry Flanagan. On a trip to Italy Barry visited a museum full of Etruscan artifacts where he made many drawings. These drawings formed the basis for the book. It was the intention for the Museum of Modern Art Oxford to publish it in 1974 when Flanagan had a drawing exhibition at the museum. The exhibition was the fullest survey of his drawings to date and included early schematic works, diagrams, drawings of dancers at the Ballet Rambert as well as drawings of the Etruscan artifacts and local landscape.

‘Silâns’ (1964-1965)

In September 2011 we launched the facsimile publication, Silâns (1964-1965). This is a complete republication in book form of the magazine produced by Barry Flanagan with fellow student Alistair Jackson and lecturer Rudy Leenders whilst he was a student at St Martins School of Art. They printed a total of sixteen issues between October 1964 and June 1965. Flanagan obtained the school’s administration staff’s agreement to use the cyclostyle machine on alternate Monday’s in term time. He turned out 50 copies an issue and recalled the circular action of the machine with a characteristic smile.

‘Flanagan’s Wake’ by Peter Bach

In October 2008, Barry Flanagan contacted the London based filmmaker Peter Bach and invited him for lunch. Coincidently Bach had just returned from Paris where he had stayed in a hotel in Les Halles that overlooked Flanagan’s work, The Visitor.